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The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation is conducting a consultation on a human rights based approach to housing that was introduced as part of the National Housing Strategy in November 2017. The consultation seeks feedback on a discussion paper, including input on proposed new legislation that would require future federal governments to maintain a National Housing Strategy.

In addition to the new legislation, the proposed housing approach includes the following elements:

  • A Federal Housing Advocate to address systemic barriers to affordability,
  • A National Housing Council including representatives from CMHC, the provincial and territorial governments,  and municipalities, among others,
  • A Community-Based Tenant Initiative to promote inclusive communities and build awareness of the challenges facing vulnerable groups, and
  • A Public Engagement Campaign in 2020 to address discrimination in housing type and tenure and build more inclusive communities.

The proposed approach has been met with some criticism because it will not involve amendments to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to officially recognize housing as a human right. On the other hand, a requirement to be enshrined in the new legislation that would see a report to Parliament on progress every three years has been viewed favourably as helping to ensure accountability.

The consultation is underway until June 2018.

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