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Executive Undertakes Process to Fill Vacancies

Nominating Committee Chair and UBCM Past President, Councillor Murry Krause, will oversee the process to fill three vacancies as a result of the recent local government elections, as provided for within UBCM bylaws and policies. 

On November 19th Councillor Krause issued a notice to UBCM members outlining the process and criteria for filling the positions of Vancouver Metro Area Representative (1) and Director at Large (2). Interested elected officials from member local governments and First Nations are asked to email their completed nomination forms and expressions of interest to Councillor Krause c/o the UBCM office.

The deadline is December 14, 2018. 


Councillor Murry Krause, Past President, UBCM (Chair)
Councillor Gord Klassen, North Central Local Government Association
Councillor Chad Eliason, Southern Interior Local Government Association
Chair Rob Gay, Association of Kootenay & Boundary Local Governments
Councillor Jason Lum, Lower Mainland Local Government Association
Director Mary Marcotte, Association of Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities

Terms of Reference

Committee members are appointed pursuant to s. 4(a) and (b) of the UBCM Bylaws.

The Committee is charged with:

  • issuing a call for nominations for Table Officers; Small Community Representative; Electoral Area Representative; and five Directors at Large;
  • providing information on the duties, responsibilities and roles of the various offices;
  • reviewing nominees' credentials to ensure that each is qualified to hold office pursuant to Section 4(j) of the UBCM Bylaws;
  • accepting nominations;
  • obtaining the names of appointees to the positions of Vancouver Representative; Metro Vancouver Representative; and the five Area Association Directors;
  • providing a report on nominations and appointments, at least 30 days prior to Convention.

Staff Support

Marie Crawford
General Manager, Richmond Operations
604-270-8226, ext. 104
mcrawford@ เว็บพนันบอลไทย www.filmfactoryboston.com

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